ASP Systems Hosting Services

RTC has pioneered the development of several solutions and services that allow retailers to get the same functionality the big guys have, and that consumers have become accustom to, but with an affordable price tag. Our Systems Hosting Service (ASP) allows retailers to cut their IT spending, while reducing the headaches and stress related to managing a retail IT solution. Through the use of Virtual Resources, we are able to provide a secure, reliable managed environment that reduces a retailer's IT costs and provides a measurable Return-on-Investment (ROI).

RTC hosts several JDA® customer environments for MMS® and Performance Analysis by IDEAS®, as well as RTC's StoreMobile Gift Card solution and other 3rd party solutions. RTC's Systems Hosting Services continues to grow as a direct result of our client satisfaction with the level of service being provided.

Hiring and maintaining a highly skilled IT staff can be an expensive proposition. RTC's growing client base enables RTC to offer retailer's economies of scale that they can't attain internally. This allows our clients to leverage RTC's vast retail and IT skills to ensure smooth managed operations and programming services at a very affordable rate. RTC will ensure that your solutions run smoothly and are always available for your users.

By partnering with RTC you can significantly reduce the cost of managing an in-house IT staff and minimize your investment in IT hardware. RTC will ensure that your systems are running smoothly, that your retailing data is available on a timely basis and that your systems are secure. No longer do you have to worry about technical staff turnover or whether your systems meet all the latest standards. RTC will handle all those issues and more, allowing you to focus on other things that are key to your businesses success.

    RTC's Systems Hosting Services include:
  • Application Hosting on RTC Provided Hardware
  • Daily Managed Operations Service
  • Technical Support
  • User Operational Support
  • System Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • System Monitoring & Security

RTC's Systems Hosting Services personnel are highly trained and retail knowledgeable who have a lot of experience in successfully implementing and managing retail systems both at RTC and even as retailers. They will ensure that you are compliant with industry standards and provide you with access to the latest technologies. As an RTC hosted client, you have access to all the skilled resources within RTC as your IT staff.

At RTC, we use the "virtual resource" approach to managing our costs and providing the best software products and consulting services. By being responsible for running many retailers technology infrastructure, we are "dialed in" as consultants and software developers. There is no ivory tower at RTC.

RTC President & CEO, Bruce Hicks

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