Company History

Retail Technologies Corporation (RTC) was founded in 1989 by a group dubbed the "Five Busy Guys" RTC evolved from the retail software division of a company with many years' experience in providing retail and restaurant solutions. RTC was created to specialize in providing retail POS solutions. Today, two of the original "Five Busy Guys" are still with RTC in the capacities of President and Director of Product Development.

RTC's first POS customer was the Woolworth Corporation. This relationship lasted for years and encompassed many significant POS projects including one of the largest POS rollouts in Canadian history. RTC has continued to grow their product line, which now includes the StoreMobile Application Suite (Point-of-Sale, Customer Loyalty Rewards, Gift Card, and Integrated Credit/Debit/Check Authorization), MMSxTend Application Suite (Mobile Wireless Solution, Loss Prevention Analyzer, Dashboard Management Module, Plan-O-Guide Management Solution, SKU Performance Turbo Module, and Style Performance Turbo Module), an iSeries (AS/400) based communication management solution (HTP-Link), and a Gift Registry Solution. MMSxTend Application Suite continues to enhance the JDA Merchandise Management System (MMS™). Today, RTC's solutions are installed in thousands of sites throughout North America.

Utilizing the expertise gained in developing, installing and supporting its own merchandising system many years ago, RTC spawned a consulting services business. Over the last decade, RTC has successfully completed project management, implementation, integration and custom program modification engagements for customers of all sizes. RTC continues to focus on implementation, customization, and integration projects on JDA®'s Merchandising Management System (MMS™).

Recently RTC has launched a new branding campaign as a result of changes within the company and the industry. For many years, and for many customers, we have provided products and services that help retailers to keep their systems running efficiently and, in many cases, get those systems running at the highest optimal levels. As we have continued to evolve our product suite, we have added new tools and services that provide our customers with the prescription for continued growth.

Our goal with this new brand is to leverage what we believe we do best - providing cost effective products and solutions that keep retail IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. We have tethered our brand changes to a doctor theme, with the tagline "The MD of Retail IT".