Welcome to RTC Group

The RTC Group is a recognized leader in the retail solutions marketplace with over 34 years of experience. We are the largest independent software development and consulting company that specializes in store systems products licensed by JDA Software Group®. Our combination of JDA MMS expertise and comprehensive JDA and WinDSS capabilities; provides MMS retailers with an organization focused on enhancing their current environments and meeting their demands today, while developing bridges to the feature rich solutions of tomorrow.

Our team is comprised of former retail executives and business owners who really know the retail industry. Our goal is to provide cost effective products and solutions that keep retail IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. We have tethered our brand changes to a doctor theme, with the tagline "The MD of Retail IT".

The RTC team has the background and experience to provide a wide range of consulting services including: project management, business and functional assistance, technical consulting, implementation support, training, application and interface customization. We also specialize in the area of payment processing by having relationships with most of the providers in the industry. While our core expertise is with JDA® retail systems products, we focus on filling the gaps with unique solutions that are robust enough to support the largest of clients, yet flexible enough to handle varied requirements.

Furthermore, we have developed a suite of in-store applications called the StoreMobile Application Suite that is a result of our industry knowledge and creativity. The suite includes StoreMobile POS which delivers the ultimate in quick, easily maintained personalization, along with an informative user interface to ensure maximum efficiency and faster training.