Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons Retailers are Choosing RTC's StoreMobile Application Suite

    1. Software that can help Make you Money!!!
  1. Our Customer Loyalty Rewards solution offers retailers the flexibility and control they are looking for to entice shoppers to spend more and helps keep shoppers coming back to their store more frequently.
    2. Customer Satisfaction
  1. RTC has one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. Unlike other companies who will provide you with a few customer references that they know will say good things about them, RTC will share our entire customer list with you and let you pick and choose which clients you want to talk to as references.
    3. StoreMobile POS can get you PA-DSS Compliant.....Quickly
    4. Store Solutions that are Easy to use and Fast to Train
  1. StoreMobile delivers the ultimate in quick, easily maintained personalization along with an informative user interface to insure maximum efficiency without sacrificing ease of use and faster training. Our clients have found that training time can actually be reduced by 75% over previous generation systems.
    5. Cost - We offer a low cost alternative method to get you a new Point- of- Sale system!!!
  1. RTC can work with you to determine an implementation methodology that matches your budget. Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) option can help minimize your up-front costs versus the traditional licensing model.
    6. Intelligent Software that Reduces hardware downtime and maintenance
  1. The StoreMobile Dashboard provides a unique POS system and network monitoring tool that enables the viewing of the health of your entire retail enterprise from a single location. This solution is designed to enable preventative maintenance before issues become problems for the stores.
    7. Partnership Approach
  1. At RTC, we truly believe in a customer partnership approach to doing business versus a vendor approach. When you do business with RTC you will discover that RTC treats your business as if it were our own.
    8. Flexible Store Solutions to fit your needs
  1. Our StoreMobile Application Suite contains a variety of solutions to fit the need of any retailers. We have combined the benefits of our robust StoreMobile Point-of-Sale application with Gift Card Services and a real-time, flexible Customer Loyalty Rewards solution.
    9. Experience
  1. RTC is a recognized leader in the retail solutions marketplace with over 20 years of experience. Our team is comprised of former retail executives and business owners who really know the retail industry. Quite simply, we're not "Technology" People that know retail. We're "Retail" people who know "Technology".
    10. Our Solutions Offer Superior Customer Service Solutions
  1. RTC's StoreMobile Application Suite can help you quickly overcome your customer service challenges and enable new customer service initiatives to be implemented into your enterprise. Your employees will be free to be more productive and focus on customers.