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The IBM SurePOS 500, ideal for retail point of sale systems, is a tool-less design (on select models), makes for fast and easy service and helps to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership). Because of its reliability, onsite service calls are reduced and that means more money in your pocket that can be used to grow your business. Countertop space is a premium for all retailers who want to ensure their POS technology doesn't take up valuable selling space; the small SurePOS 500 footprint is sleek and perfect for the smaller countertop. The spill-resistant, infrared touchscreen is available in 12", 15" or 17"versions. As with all IBM products, the IBM SurePOS 500 is reliable and durable. The units have undergone extreme testing and are designed to withstand severe conditions of heat, cold, humidity, vibration, power fluctuations and radio interference. What does that mean to you as a retailer? Less down time. Contact an IBM POS consultant today.

IBM 300 Datasheet (PDF)
  • 1. Ultra low volt Intel Celeron M 373 processor provides energy-efficient performance
  • 2. Front and rear vents provide better airflow and allow passive cooling
  • 3. Built-in power management including support of deep sleep automation to help minimize energy consumption
  • 4. Remote management enables monitoring of environmental variables for proacive services and maintenance to eliminate downtime
  • 5. Color matched peripherals include the IBM SurePoint display, IBM SureMark printer, and modular keyboards (all optional)
IBM 500 Datasheet (PDF)
  • 1. Cutting edge, spill resistant, infrared touch-screen (Model 566 only)
  • 2. Tool free design with back access
  • 3. IBM Light-Path Management (Model 566 only)
  • 4. Biometric fingerprint reader (optional)
  • 5. Cooling tunnel technology
  • 6. Programmable magnetic stripe reader (MSR) (optional)
  • 7. Retail hardened design resists damage in harsh environments
  • 8. Audio speaker (Model 566 only)