StoreMobile Customer Loyalty Rewards

Increase Frequency of Store Visits & Amount Spend

    Customer Loyalty Rewards enables retailers to know their customers and reward them immediately with flexible tools such as:
  • Real Time Rewards
  • Simple Targeted Marketing Messages & Promotions
  • Customer Data Collections
  • Paper and Electronic Instant Rewards

RTC's Customer Loyalty Rewards (CLR) solution is one of the most robust in the industry. It enables you to generate rewards, realtime, at the POS to ensure instant gratification by your customers. The solution includes a host database and program administration tool, as well as the in-store components that are seamlessly integrated with StoreMobile POS to enable the POS to request data applicable to each customer while the customer is at the register.

RTC's StoreMobile CLR solution gives chain retailers the tools they need to increase spend per visit, and drive more customer visits. CLR empowers your marketing team to design targeted loyalty programs that can lay the groundwork for your customer engagement efforts and allow you to reward your best customers, at the POS.

CLR is simple to use and requires little to no training for store staff. The solution supports the utilization of a customer loyalty card that contains a barcode. When the card is scanned, the system sends a request to the host-based, customer loyalty database, to retrieve the club and point history for that customer and any loyalty rewards that this customer may be due based on that history. The rewards are then printed on the receipt and available for use in the transaction.

    Key Features:
  • Point accumulation based on $'s spent, Quantity purchased or number of transactions
  • Threshold Rewards based on point accumulation
  • Paper Coupon Reward printed on receipt when threshold exceeded or instantly within the transaction (Electronic)
  • User definable Clubs with auto enrollment
  • Customized receipt messages based on Clubs & Rewards
  • Points earned, total Points, previous Points and number of Points required to get next reward are printed on receipt
  • Configurable number of rewards per transaction
  • Different Points multiplier
  • Track Points by date range or certain day of the week
  • Choose what day or days per week to earn Points
    Configurable - Reward Types
  • Item Percent Off
  • Item Amount Off
  • Transaction Percent Off
  • Transaction Amount Off
  • New Price
  • Transaction Percent off highest Priced item
  • Add Points to Specific club
    Configurable - Reward Validation Period
  • Valid until Cancelled
  • Use X Times
  • Valid for Date Range
  • Valid for X Days
  • Valid until end of next year
  • Valid for X Days from tomorrow
    Configurable - Reward Usage
  • When to Apply Reward
  • Unique Coupon ID Formatting
    Configurable - How Reward Can be Applied
  • By Vendor, Department, Hierarchy or Event
  • By Individual or Mix Match
  • By quantity requirement
  • By minimum purchase requirement

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