Product Selection Consulting

RTC Consulting Services has been providing product selection services to many retail clients over the past several years. Clients have found that they can leverage RTC's skills to help them identify "best fit" solutions for their business.

RTC Consulting Services can assist clients with the formal identification of their business requirements within a specific business area. Our requirements definition process includes interviews with all user departments. These business requirements are used to match product functionality to ensure best fit for your specific needs.

RTC can generate RFP's from the business requirements gathered, solicit input from the appropriate set of potential vendors based on our industry knowledge, and make source recommendations based on our evaluation of the RFP responses. In addition, RTC can participate in vendor contract negotiations. Many of RTC's customers have been able to negotiate significant cost reductions during contract negotiations by leveraging RTC's business and vendor product knowledge.

RTC's vault of retail best practice tools provides a vast set of templates to streamline this identification process. Assessment tools include product functionality charts prioritized by business requirement, Vendor delivery and support viability, and customer base satisfaction assessments.