Historical Toolbox of MMS Enhancements

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  • Store level security to JDA menu structure
  • Auto assignment of Style numbers
  • Auto assignment of client UPC numbers
  • Hierarchy reclassification
  • Resynchronization of stock ledger to perpetual INVBAL
  • Mass update facility for sku attributes by selecting levels of merchandise hierarchy (Version 4R4)
  • Additional merchandise hierarchies such as Image
  • Maintain inventory group by store/sku
  • Utilize substitute sku for associated blank sku for screen printing functionality (considerations in landed cost, receiving adjustments, and Vendor maintenance)
  • End of Day enhancements for Non-JDA application interfaces, and exception reporting to redflag outques
  • Multiple environment processing for Food & Beverage division
  • Rebuilt system to reflect changed corporate calendar
  • Year 2000 compliance updates (Version 4R4)
  • Corporate physcal calendar date change
  • Expanded UPC field to 17 character from 13 numeric
  • System tuning and editing for the Book industry
  • Enhancements to capture deferred costing (difference between set store costs and variable warehouse cost)
  • System maintenance for a queryable cost price file
  • Fix average costing formulas for accuracy (Version 4R4)
  • Historical recosting
  • Audit trail for average costing supported with new fields in INVAUD
  • Applied landed cost for Blanks/upcharges
  • Enhance system so that stores on store level costing does not affect chain costing
  • Function key on Event maintenance to import details from spreadsheet
    Price Management
  • Enhance sku maintenance for store pricing to allow multi-currency
  • Deal Pricing (version 4R4)
  • Function key on Event maintenance to import details from spreadsheet
  • Advance Coupon management Module
  • Advanced pricing for percentages
  • Advanced pricing (buy from group A get a deal in group B)
  • Subclass level historical trend file initialization and maintenance
  • Automated trend adjustments based on current sku performance (Forecast engine)
  • Sku/Store level sales & stock level planning
  • Open to buy at sku level rolled up to hierarchy
  • Auto-Replenishment integration with sku level planning
  • New Feature: Desired out of stock date
  • MMS integration to Buyer's Tool Box Planning system
  • Planoguide Product
  • Allocation product at sub-class level..Integrations to Pre-distributed PO and Post Distributions
    E3 Planning and Allocation integration
  • TRIM product: All file interfaces from JDA to E3 TRIM
  • TRIM product: PO requests from E3 TRIM interfaced to JDA Purchase Order Management
  • SLIM product: All file interfaces from JDA to E3 SLIM
  • SLIM product: PO and Transfer requests from E3 SLIM interfaced to JDA PO and Warehouse management
  • System maintained class/store level profiles
  • New item store forecast
  • Enhanced statistical formula
  • System determined desired weeks of supply
  • Enhanced Suggested order review
  • Warehouse replenishment synced with store replenishment
  • Enhanced simulator
  • Replacement sku accounting for replaced sku's sales and availability; Allocates from warehouse, available replaced skus
  • Enhanced schedule maintenance (by distribution code, etc)
    Purchase Order Management
  • PO Print formatting
  • Garment tag generation
  • Purchase Order analysis at the subclass level, Past due, etc.
  • Purchase Order approval system
  • Closed PO archive and retrieval system
  • Item Pre-sales
  • Individual Line Item allocations for Multi-Drop PO
  • Re-open of Multi-Drop PO
  • Enhanced PO copy functionality
  • Create Vendor Suggested Order from spreadsheet
  • Pre-Distributed Allocations based on historical sub-class/store contribution
  • Seasonal Bookings
  • PO Emailing to Vendors
  • Expense PO management
  • Merge PO process
  • Fax integration with Purchase Order Management
  • EDI standard document types: New PO's, changed PO's, Invoice receiving, confirmations (Version 4R4)
  • Cross platform integration with GENTRAN NT
  • AS400 platform integration with GENTRAN 400
  • Migrate 4r5 functionality back to 4r3
  • Added fields on the Receiver authorization document: User Id, ASN#
  • Special Instructions on Transfer header
  • Shipping manifests reflect store costs in multi-currency
  • Added fields on the Shipping and Picking manifests: Original Product ID, Transfer number, 30 char description
  • Allow Pick Ticket print queues by user
  • Enhanced Pick sequencing
  • Auto close of ASN after last Receiver Authorization is closed
  • ASN inquiry start at Ship Date
  • Slot configuration for Z and U pick styles
  • Streamlined predistributed crossdock processing
  • Streamlined Appointment scheduling without using ASN
  • Pick to Pallet maximizing cube
  • Create area maximums for Directed Putaway using slot coordinates
  • Post distribution batches auto release processing
  • Enhanced reporting: Expected work by zone based on AM/PM batching
  • Enhanced reporting: Expected work by picking slot with identified reserves based on AM/PM batching
  • User defined selection of slots for cycle counting
  • Assign carton ID's to picking documents through data entry instead of radio frequency
  • RF Optimization product features
  • Alternate warehouse management by merchandise hierarchy
  • RF Pick Auditing
  • External Warehouse integrations
  • Enhanced RTV management with RF
  • Redirect Transfers
  • Transfer shipment consolidate
    Merchandise Control
  • Reversing of Transactions from audit history
  • Business alert reporting and inquiries (Dashboard)
  • Enhanced inventory count sheets
  • Invtrn and INVUPD stream modifications for Sales extract data. New Transaction types.
  • Omit cost fields on INV041 ledger report for selected locations
  • Auto receive set on a store by store basis
  • Allow tax codes to be maintained to the subclass level
  • Comparison of JDA sales to Non-JDA GL sales for auditing
  • Inventory uploads from REGIS Services
  • Enhanced Kit processing: Tracking perpetual and sales for parent skus
  • Set building and breaking functionality for kitchenware
  • V.A.T. government reporting
  • Monitoring reports for unprocessed transaction members
  • Distribution Center Service Level reports
  • Vendor fill rate reporting
  • Vendor weekly in-stock analysis
  • Enhanced style inquiry
  • Stock Ledger rebuilding
  • Mass Item maintenenace with Spreadsheets
  • FIFO inventory reporting
  • Stock Balancing
  • Retrieve multi-currency rates based on store location country codes
  • Last year comparison reporting adjusted for multi-currency
  • Currency rate table adjusted for the system
  • Provide currency cross rates
    Sales Analysis
  • Enhanced Sales Analysis reporting with percent to totals
  • Enhanced reporting utilizing PC platform integration
  • Enhanced Flash Sales reporting: Units per transaction, Average dollar sales, by cashier
  • Micro Strategies Data warehousing setup, configuration, and interfaces
    POS interfaces
  • Item master download with activation and deactivation
  • Price event interfaces
  • Sales transaction log interfaces from various POS systems to JDA
  • Account for V.A.T. in sales extract data
  • Enhanced reliability, trackability, accuracy, speed, and platform independence with HTPLINK
    Sales Audit
  • Standalone module for non-JDA applications
  • Loss Prevention Statistical analysis inquiry and reporting system
    Store Systems
  • Enhanced Store level reorder report
  • Store level Stock Ledger reporting
  • Enhanced Store ordering process
  • Voucher System with barcode scanning, agency tracking and billing
  • Bridal Registry system interfaced to POS, local database, synchronization to host, multi-store broadcasting
  • Special Order system with delivery location and notification
  • Real time Customer Loyalty
  • Store MS POS
  • Mobile Wireless Product for all store level inventory management
  • Partial Receipt of Transfers
    Accounts Payable
  • Check reformatting
  • Vendor Name sequence for Cash Requirements report
  • Selectable date range for Open Payables report
  • Match multiple invoices to a single receiver
  • Enhanced line item matching with automated credit memo generation and receiver adjustments
  • Invoice Load from Spreadsheet
  • Enhanced Rebate Invoicing
    General Ledger
  • Responsibility report adjusted for Multi-currency
  • Interfaces from JDA to other accounting systems: JDE, Infinium, MAS90, etc
  • Additional interface configuration for store type used for Franchises
  • Merchandising to GL reconcilations
    Franchise / Customer Ordering
  • Receiver adjustments for upcharges
  • Billing for warehouse to store transfers
  • PO dropship interface to billing
  • Additional GL interface configuration for store type
  • New store type of "F" for Franchise
  • Omit perpetual tracking for Franchise store types
  • Dealer/Wholesale module with corporate order entry system and web site order entry; Warehouse fulfillment; Customer costing.
  • Canada Taxing
  • Enhanced reserve management
  • Web Store Integrations
  • Initialize sales history from PC platform archives: TM1
  • Version & PTF releases with merging of client specific modifications
  • Excel spreadsheet interfaces to JDA databases
  • MMS upgrades
    Planning integration
  • Includes initial loads and weekly feeds from JDA MMS to NT server running the ANT buyer's toolbox. FTP is utilized to transfer data between the two systems. The necessary planning levels are determined so that the proper data is extracted from JDA and feed to ANT buyer's toolbox.
  • Utilize the ANT Buyer's Toolbox for weekly sub class by location planning levels
  • Interfaces setup to facilitate initial load of the historical information as well weekly updates
  • Assortments interfaced to provide views outside Dept/Sub Dept/Class/Sub Class (ie style, key items, etc)
  • Store groupings interfaced by regions
  • Arthur Planning Integrations
    Retail Ideas
  • End of day optimization
  • Additional attribute flow from MMS