Issue 5 May 2012

End to End Software Solutions to Fit Any Retail Need

The Next "Revolution" in the Retail Industry is pretty obvious....."Mobility".
At RTC, we are committed to assisting retailers in winning the mobile revolution, without requiring a systems revolution.

First high speed wireless networks, then smart phones, and now it is the culmination of all these technologies merging at the speed of light toward complete mobility in retail technology. It won't matter where the product comes from or how the customer receives it. The fact is, it can be purchased anywhere, anytime, and delivered wherever and whenever the customer wants it. How is this going to become the standard in retail? Simple:

The adoption of mobile technology, insures increased customer satisfaction and guarantees ROI for the retailer. Now for the bad news for many retailers. Although JDA MMS is still an industry leader in ERP solutions in large chain retail, to date this legacy application lacks a definitive mobile strategy capable of taking its customers into the world of retail mobility.

At RTC, we are committed to assisting retailers in winning the mobile revolution, without requiring a systems revolution. Our long term business plan has been to take the lead in designing and implementing bridges between today's world and the retail world of tomorrow. Through our MMS Xtend suite of applications we are taking the "bull by the horns" on behalf of all JDA MMS customers. Our StoreMobile RD and Warehouse Optimization RF Solutions are leading the way by offering retailers innovative tools to increase staff productivity and enhance customer service. Our StoreMobile Dashboard delivers the functionality retailers need to stay ahead of problems and take preventative steps when needed.

Believe me, this is just the beginning. We continue to deliver the MMS enhancements, consulting services and retail POS solutions that retailers need. Our next generation StoreMobile POS solution will soon be released and with the announcement of Verifone's new Verishield Protect, boasting end to end encryption and running on the Apple iPod Touch and iPad, you can be assured PCI "Best Practices" is on our minds. We are confident this approach will take the mobile POS application completely out of scope for PCI.

If you are not sure how your company is going to evolve and compete in this "revolution", I suggest you call us and arrange a consultation with DeVan McArthur, our EVP Consulting. I have always prided myself on having extreme industry "Vision" and I must say that when I hired DeVan McArthur as my partner back in 1990, I hired a "Visionary" that thinks so far ahead of everyone else that we call him Mr. Utopia!!

RTC President & CEO
Bruce Hicks

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Introducing StoreMobile INV for Tablets and Wireless Devices
Providing MMS users the tools they need to build loyalty and improve the Shopping experience in a Mobile environment

As technology strives to meet the demands of today's consumers, retailers search for affordable solutions that maximize their investment. However, implementing a mobile strategy is more than just a hardware or technology decision. It encompasses an entire strategy, that if done right, will change your entire store selling experience for both the customer and your staff.

At RTC, we have designed a fully integrated Mobile solution that leverages your current JDA® MMS® investment, to help you stay ahead of your competitors while offering consumers a richer, more rewarding and more interactive shopping experience. The first step in building a successful mobile strategy is to equip your staff with the right tools and solutions to be successful. That's why RTC created our StoreMobile™ Suite of Applications. StoreMobile is one of the first truly mobile solutions designed for JDA MMS users. StoreMobile launches today's retailer onto the Mobile playing field by making traditional back office functions obsolete.

Functions such as: inventory counts, receiving, transfers or item look ups can be done real-time, from anywhere in the store, from a simple RF gun or handheld device such as the Motorola ET1, or even popular Apple devices such as the iPAD, iPOD or iPhone.

StoreMobile maximizes staff efficiency and effectiveness providing a significant return on investment by keeping sales people on the sales floor and giving them the tools and information, they need, literally right in the palm of their hands. This powerful wireless solution allows MMS users to improve their operational work flow while viewing, collecting, and managing key information real-time to MMS. StoreMobile eliminates the need to be chained to the back office to do inventory and unnecessary paperwork. With it's simple user friendly design and inputs, inventory management can be done accurately and efficiently, from anywhere in the store, maximizing your productivity and customer services by keeping your staff visible to customers.

RTC has recently partner with Motorola Solutions to launch StoreMobile on the ET1 Enterprise Tablet. The ET1 is design for enterprise. It is retail hardened for use everyday in your warehouse or selling floor. It has all the features you need to connect with Shoppers like never before.

I believe mobile technology will continue to gain traction in the store operation similar to how high speed networks replaced dial up modems', says Bruce Hicks RTC President & CEO. "Giving store personnel high speed wireless devices that can provide them "instant" accecss to inventory information across the entire chain and the internet, then act upon that information while services their customer, provides the store with an edge over their cyber store competitor. People like to interact with people; however, "showcasing" will only grow without providing the "tools" to compete on the store sales floor. StoreMobile INV on tblets such as the Motorola ET1 and a variety of Apple devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone are game changers for the store."



About RTC: Founded in 1989, RTC is a leading developer of innovative, cost effective store solutions that keep retailer's IT systems healthy and functioning at the most efficient levels. Headquartered in Orlando, FL with a data center in Kennesaw, GA and technical sales offices around the country, RTC is considered the industry's "MD of Retail IT", with their ability to help retailers gain a competitive advantage by offering store solutions that increase operating efficiencies, control costs and increase customer loyalty. RTC offers industry leading consulting services in addition to several enhancement modules to JDA's Merchandise Management System (MMS) with their MMSxTend Application Suite.

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