Advanced Replenishment Module

Advanced Replenishment Module (ARM) is an enhancement to the statistical methodology of MMS® Auto Replenishment. It allows you to significantly increase the accuracy of the replenishment formula while substantially decreasing the manual effort to manage JDA®'s MMS replenishment. The enhancements provide workflow improvement and increased productivity.

    System Features:
  • Automatic creations and management of Store/Class level seasonality profiles.
  • New SKUs default to their Store/Class profile.
  • Item chain forecast for Statistical Replenishment utilizes a new rolling 12 months class distribution allocation table to automatically breakdown an item's chain level forecast to an item's store level forecast.
  • Business analytics to set up an inventory level template to enable automatic calculation of store or warehouse "order at" and "order up to" quantities.
  • Transfer demand documents generated for the warehouse by zone.
  • Enhanced tracking of store and warehouse "Lost Sales".
  • Extended SKU/Store replenishment simulator for improved order verification.
    Warehouse Features:
  • (Must utilize MMS Warehouse)
  • Accounts for upcoming store need, as calculated from Advanced Store Replenishment, instead of upcoming sales/shipment forecast.
  • Summarizes each store's need based on each store's forecast, expected availability, order at position and order up to position.
  • Accounts for warehouse availability, vendor lead time, summarize store need, warehouse "Lost sales", and safety stock.
  • Enhanced Replenishment Suggested Order Review includes items/store view and auto removal of orders less than 50% of vendor minimums.

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